About AutoMetriQ Energy

We are AutoMetriQ Energy, a 360 energy company that specializes in Oil & Gas, renewable energies and their products.

As a 360 Energy Company, AutoMetriQ has a presence in the lubricant Industry. We offer a wide range of lubricants and grease products that caters to the demand of the automotive, industrial, agricultural, transport, marine and mining sectors. Building on an experience spanning over decades and research at ISO certified laboratories, our team of qualified petroleum engineers work proactively to meet consumer needs and deliver quality products consistently.

At AutoMetriQ Energy, we stand out by our quality of products, service standard and the commitment to the customers. Our belief as professionals remains the fact that we grow only as long as our customers and partners are happy across business cycle. As such we are customers eccentric and each customer is treated with care.



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Why Choose Us

At AutoMetriQ Energy, we have stringent Quality Control system from the receiving of raw materials until the completion of the finished products. Raw materials such as Base Oils and chemical additives are systematically controlled, with Inline Samples and Finished Products. Filling process cannot be started without the testing of batch samples and until the laboratory gives approval.

Mission Statement

To create A Pathway that enhances more Affordable, Reliable, and Modern Energy for All and Sundry at the Local, Regional, and Global Markets.

Vision Statement

To be amongst the Global Energy frontiers impacting positive change while ensuring value addition Environmentally, Socially, and Economically Via Sustainable Energy and Energy Services for all.